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The UK is currently dangerously low in its stocks of blood.
Therefore the NHS spends lots of taxpayers' money on advertising and marketing costs in order to increase donor levels. However, if the NHS changed one simple rule, they could potentially have several million extra donors eligible to give blood immediately.

How? Allow healthy gay men to give blood.

The UK law is outdated, stereotypical and discriminatory towards healthy gay men. Moreover, it is risking lives - the UK urgently needs more blood. Did you know:

A straight man who has unprotected sex with a different girl every weekend can give blood TODAY
A straight man who has had unprotected sex with several prostitutes can give blood AFTER ONE YEAR
Those who have had unprotected sex with an intravenous drug user can give blood AFTER ONE YEAR
Those who have had unprotected sex abroad in a high risk HIV country can give blood AFTER ONE YEAR

Gay men are banned FOR LIFE, even if they've only ever had sex with one partner - and even if they used protection.

Latest News...

February 16th 2009 - Stonewall calls for end to blood ban.


As a result of a two year policy review, Stonewall is putting pressure on the National Blood Service to lift the discriminatory blanket lifetime ban on gay men donating blood.


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Scottish Parliament Review
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